Friday, April 15, 2011

Tornados and Hail

If that title does not scare you I will haha. Ok I'm just messing but their is another strong cold front. By now you know what that means a possibility of a sever weather out break. This system will not be the gangbuster that the last one was. But with the surface low and upper level low being so close to each other, this system has proven capable of producing tornado's. That dynamic will change as the storms approach our area. We will more likely see large hail or Wind damage. These storms will be getting close to us late tonight but the best chance for severe storms will be afternoon tomorrow.

I will give a update tomorrow

 ok so this system has now produced over  100 tornado's.
for right now a line of severe storms are approaching and fast. within the hour we will see storms are best bet for severe weather today will be within the hour large hail and damaging winds are likely. im not ruling out a tornado somewhere within this line of storms so look out and take cover

241 tornado reports with some still wavering.
 there was a tornado on highway 601 three miles north of Salisbury, NC it was reported by law enforcement over 200 trees were brought down and several houses damaged. Rwported at 12: 45 pm on saturday

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Severe Weather Threat tomorrow afternoon!!!!!

Be on the look out for large hail, strong winds and even an isolated tornado.  A strong cold front will be approaching us during the late afternoon and the combination of a strong low level jet and a very cold air mass meeting a warm dry airmass we see the potential of a large severe weather outbreak.

ill have another update tomorrow

Friday, April 1, 2011

Man United Fans 4 Life Guest Post

Hi everyone this is Frankie from Man United Fans 4 life blog which is a blog of my favorite soccer team Manchester United! The Team is based out of Manchester England and for this guest post I will talk a little about the relationship between Soccer and Weather. Unlike other sports soccer usually doesnt stop due to inclemate weather. It must be very Inclemate weather meaning as long as the ball rolls on the surface they will play. Obviously if there is a threat of lightning the game will be postponed for the safety of the players and fans. In Countrys such as England and Ireland everyday rain showers is very common so soccer over there is usually played in wet sloppy conditins this calls for grounds crew and field staff to take constant care of the pitch to make sure it is playable and not torn up after a match. But in places such as South America and Mexico it is usually played very dry and hot conditions, players here have to be careful not to pass out when playing in games with tempetures over the 90's. All over the globe they play soccer and in most places it is so important to the supporters that no matter the weather they will be there for their team. I know if I was in manchester a little rain would not bother me at all!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

While we need the rain, this cold wet weather is not good for outdoor activity. We are now at a surplus on the year for rain and look to remain on schedule for the next week or so. The rain today will dissipate by this afternoon into a misrabel drissel. With a strong low pressure to our south our Thursday looks to remain wet. Showers will be on the increase late tonight and into tomorrow morning with a steady rain by 1 or so. We will prob see a nother half an inch I would not be surprised to see a inch of rain total out of this next round either. I don't have all bad news though this will get better Saturday and Sunday look warm and sunny. Some storms may return for Monday and Tuesday next week though good news is that it will be warm. Here's what I'm thinking.

Wednesday, 30

52 | 34° F
Thursday, 31

48 | 36° F
Chance of Rain
Friday, 1

57 | 37° F
Chance of Rain

Saturday, 2
63 | 36° F
Partly cloudy

Sunday, 3
64 | 32° F
Partly Cloudy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend wetness.

This weekend may be the weekend to get away from here. Today will be the last time we see the sun for awhile whit a high around 65 today should be the nicest of days for the next four. Saturday will bring showers in the morning turning into a soaking rain in the afternoon. We will see about a quarter of an inch of rain tomorrow. Highs in the lower 50's on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday grab you jacket and umbrella. Sunday looks simallar to Saturday with at least a nother .25 of rain and the showers will stick around for Monday.

Friday, 25

61 | 41° F
Partly Cloudy
Saturday, 26

52 | 41° F
Chance of T-storms
Sunday, 27

52 | 38° F
Chance of T-storms
Monday, 28

54 | 36° F
Partly Cloudy
Tuesday, 29

54 | 38° F
Chance of Rain

Monday, March 14, 2011

The weather this week.

Sunday was B-E-A-utiful and I hope you got out there and enjoyed it. Today is not going to as nice and tomorrow we will see some showers move in. Tomorrow will not I repeat will not be a soaker but it will be damp when you wake up and still it will be damp when you go to bed. Aside from being a damper on your day, all pun intended, it's going to be cooler with a high in the lower 50's. The week will get better the hight temps will continue to climb and reach the 70's by the weekend.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Showers to Move In.

With rain on the way today enjoy the warm dry weather for the duration of the rest of this morning.  It's going to be a good amount of rain with a projected 1.23 inches today, tonight, and tomorrow.  with warm moist air ahead of the front and the cold air behind the front a line of thunderstorms should develop along the cold front.  that being said the possibility of severe weather can not be ruled out.  We need the rain because believe it or not we are in a drought about 3 inches down from where we should be for this time of year. so grab a movie and stay inside just ride this one out till Monday.  Which by the way look great 61 and loads of sunshine.